Named the release dates and characteristics of the PlayStation 5 Pro

One of the most anticipated devices to be released in the coming years is the PlayStation 5 Pro. Talks about this device began even before the launch of the regular version. More details about the new model were given by the presentation of TCL Technology, which took place in Poland.

One of the slides on the presentation showed a console roadmap, starting with the PS4 and Xbox One in 2013 and ending with the PlayStation 5 Pro and the new Xbox Series S / X. The release dates of the latter are marked as 2023-2024, and the key innovation will be the use of a new GPU RX7700XT processor, which can render a 4K image with a frequency of 60-120fps.

PlayStation 5 Pro

Although Microsoft confirmed a year ago that it is working on a new generation of Xbox, it should be borne in mind that the TCL slide is more of an unofficial forecast. Especially considering that Sony and Microsoft are still unable to meet demand for the console due to a shortage of chips.

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