In Panama, amid interest in bitcoin, banks will offer a cryptocurrency storage service

Panamanian financial institution Towerbank is launching new opportunities for the crypto community. Representatives of the bank informed the selected crypto enthusiasts during the meeting that they are ready to open cryptocurrency accounts. In addition, they added that the bank is now becoming bitcoin-friendly.

This happened at a myth about the future of the blockchain, which was organized last week by the Digital Chamber of Commerce and the Panama Blockchain.

The bankers present at the meeting promised that cryptocurrency “vip” clients will not have problems with ordinary Panamanians during cryptocurrency transactions (the country often has difficulties in buying and selling cryptocurrencies from bank accounts).

Event moderator Cristobal Pereira even called for the event to reassure cryptocurrency owners that they may not be afraid to open accounts and deposit money from centralized exchanges.

Bankers said the transaction should not exceed $ 5,000 a month, a decision that required anti-corruption laws.

It should be noted that Panama recently voted for the legalization of cryptocurrencies, but this month the president announced that he will not sign the bill on cryptocurrency in the near future.

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