Named ways to spy on the user through a smartphone

Expert Arseniy Shcheltsin named ways to spy on a user using a smartphone that hackers can use.

According to the expert, there are four ways, the so-called levels: telephone line level, hardware level, operating system level and software level. All levels differ in the difficulty of hacking and wiretapping the device, but all are real.

The telephone line level is the simplest and does not require serious technical equipment. But they use it for targeted wiretapping, so ordinary users have nothing to fear in this regard.

At the hardware level, the phone can be activated imperceptibly for the user, the camera and microphone are turned on. From the device can constantly relay information.

At the operating system level, the camera and other applications for recording audio, video and taking photos can be enabled. In this case, the user may not be aware that the applications are running. As a rule, this level is activated using SMS, which also come to the device without the owner noticing.

The software level involves surveillance using installed applications, to which the user gives various permissions and personal data is trusted even at the installation stage. Some applications can transmit information to the server of their operator.

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