Nexo are ready to redeem the Celsius crypto -activists

The Nexo cryptocreter is ready to redeem the assets of its main competitor Celsius. They boasted that they had all the possibilities for it.

“All Nexo products work normally – loans, exchange, Earn, Nexo Card. As always, operations are processed instantly, whatever the situation on the market. ”

The company added that she turned to Celsius with a request to purchase assets, but received a refusal. Therefore, they re -turn through public channels.

Nexo focuses on the fact that such a purchase will help protect customers from risk.

“As a sign of goodwill and in an attempt to support the ecosystem of digital assets in difficult times, we turned to the Celsius team and offered support. Our help was rejected. We firmly believe that we can do a lot to help customers Celsius ”

Recall that Celsius has a critical situation with liquidity. Today they suspended swaps and removal of funds. However, they did not indicate the deadlines when they restore their services. The Nexo proposal will be valid until June 20.

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