Nike-linked NFT studio buys Ethereum Name Service domain

Metaverse-focused studio RTFKT has acquired the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name dotswoosh.eth.

According to Etherscan, the purchase amount was 19.72 ETH (about $37,530 at the current exchange rate).
Data: OpenSea.

Collectively, RTFKT owns 10 ENS domains: artifacts.eth, rtfkt.eth, skinvial.eth, drmos.eth, mintvial.eth, dreamos.eth, spacedrip.eth, dripcoin.eth, and m2tekno.eth.
Data: OpenSea.

Previously, sportswear manufacturer Puma changed its Twitter account name to Puma.eth.

In May 2021, the NFT studio raised $8 million in a seed round. It was led by Andreessen Horowitz with the participation of Galaxy Digital, Ledger, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Garegoslow and others.

Nike took over RTFKT in December without disclosing the terms of the deal. In April 2022, they introduced the first collection of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Recall that the main developer of ENS, Nick Johnson, announced the record popularity of the domain name system during May. The last time such a high demand for the service was observed at the end of 2021 and April 2022.

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