Not to mention the benefits: the network compared Russian “Hurricanes” and American HIMARS (video)

The United States has announced a new $ 40 billion military aid package for Ukraine. Among other things, HIMARS and M270 multiple rocket launchers will be sent to Ukraine.

The network compared American weapons with the Russian counterpart of the Hurricane MLRS, which is fired on peaceful cities of Ukraine.

The Hurricane multiple rocket launcher was developed in the 1960s and 1970s. Target guidance system. That is, the gunner manually adjusts the weapon to the target according to the transmitted coordinates. Accuracy is not always high.

As for MLRS HIMARS, it has a special system in which you need to enter GPS-coordinates, and the installation itself will make guidance on the target. This not only saves time, but also increases the accuracy of hitting the target.

The range of the “Hurricane” is 35 kilometers, and the accuracy is +/- 170 meters. In the American HIMARS, the range of the target is 80 km, and the accuracy varies about 5 meters.

Only one projectile can be reloaded by Hurricane. This takes about 20 minutes. HIMARS is reloaded in blocks of six shells – it takes no more than five minutes.

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