OPPO and Huawei have signed an agreement on the joint use of 5G

Chinese companies Oppo and Huawei have entered into a global patent cross-licensing agreement. The new agreement covers cellular standards, including 5G. Feng Ying (Chief Intellectual Property Officer) of Oppo said that the brand is happy to reach a cross-licensing agreement with Huawei. The deal, Ying said, fully reflects the respect and recognition both Huawei and Oppo have for each other’s intellectual property strengths.

The new deal is a win-win for both companies. This puts both organizations in an advanced setting to leverage their strengths for maximum business impact. The agreement favors the resolution of intellectual property licensing issues through friendly consultations and mutual respect for the value of the patent. Huawei says it has formed several valuable patent packages over the past two decades and is very pleased to reach the cross-licensing agreement. Huawei expects the new arrangement to facilitate an innovative cycle of investment-return-reinvestment in high-value standard research.

Huawei has several patent packages that include 5G, Wi-Fi, audio and video. The new agreement will promote innovation and speed research around the world. It will also ensure more competitive products and services for consumers. Both companies hope that the new cross-licensing agreement will signal the beginning of a period of rapid growth and development. This deal will be very beneficial for Huawei after the US restricts its activities.

Before the US crackdown, Huawei was a world leader in 5G and 6G research. It has carved a niche for itself with a number of infrastructure contracts in several jurisdictions. The exact details of the new cross-licensing agreement are currently unknown. However, we expect both brands to take full advantage of the terms of the deal to ultimately expand their balance sheets.

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