Microsoft’s power in the cyber market continues to grow

Microsoft has significantly strengthened its technology solutions in this area, especially those provided with its cloud services. Among other things, this was done through a series of acquisitions of Israeli startups led by Adallom, as well as Aorato, CyberX and others.

In its latest financial report, Microsoft surprised many by saying that its cyber business is already generating $15 billion in annual revenue and that it is growing at 40% per year. Microsoft is promoting its security solutions not only with cloud services, but also with Office.

Microsoft plans to invest an additional $20 billion to support its cyber solutions, thereby only increasing the intensity of competition with all the players in the market, many of them Israelis, from Check Point to CyberArk or Varonis. Google clearly noticed Microsoft’s move and acquired Mandiant for $5.5 billion to beef up its cyber response to cloud customers and in general.

Earlier, the Cursor wrote that Microsoft was reminded of the imminent shutdown of the popular version of Windows. Already on December 13, the company will officially stop supporting this version, so it advises everyone who uses it to upgrade to a newer one.

As Cursor reported, experts from Puget Systems conducted a series of tests on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and concluded that the new OS is slightly more powerful than its predecessor.

Our editors wrote that Microsoft told how to improve performance in games on a Windows 11 PC. The developers suggest disabling some features in the operating system, but they warn that this makes the computer vulnerable to cyber attacks.

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