How to prevent all applications from tracking data on a smartphone and expanding the MIUI 14 list

Following the news that for Redmi 9T and a number of other models, testing of MIUI 13 has finally ended and owners of this smartphone will soon receive an update, Xiaomi announced the expansion of the list of models that will be updated to MIUI 14.


In more detail, there are only a few models left that are still running on MIUI 12.5, mostly low-cost smartphones that had problems with overload in version V13.0.1.0, which caused the update to be postponed many times.


In version V13.0.2.0 (MI index), all software bugs have been fixed and the company has already begun sending out beta versions for open testing.


Thus, by the end of the year, the renewal process, which has dragged on for more than three months, will finally be completed.

The good news doesn’t end there. During the correspondence with one of the users, the head of the software development department of Xiaomi said that MIUI 14 will appear on the Mi 10 series smartphones.


Let me remind you that these smartphones were released in 2020 and worked out of the box on MIUI 11 (Android 10).


However, you need to understand that the new version of the system will “arrive” on Mi 10 smartphones at the very last turn and will be based on Android 12.

Thus, the appearance of MIUI 14 (Android 12) is confirmed and I do not exclude the possibility that these are far from the last positive changes in the update list. I will keep you informed.

Now let’s talk about trackers in android applications that track and transmit user interest data to display personalized ads.

Open the app store and use the search to install the latest version of the “DuckDuckGo” application on your smartphone.


Let’s move on to the settings. After starting, refuse to set as the default browser and open the settings menu.


At the bottom of the page is a new feature that, although in Beta status, works flawlessly. Open “Application Tracking Block” and click the “Turn on Tracking Protection” button.


A fake VPN connection will be created on the smartphone through which all attempts by applications to track your location, device type and other data will be automatically stopped.


This setting does not affect the autonomy and connection speed.

After enabling, open the list of applications with disabled protection and activate it for browsers and applications (except banking).


You can exclude mobile games, email clients, banking applications, and any programs that do not require activity screening in a special menu.


As a result, after just one test run, the application blocked 128 attempts to track information about my data.


The application works without any problems and provides all the necessary information, at least to familiarize yourself and check the security of your gadget.

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