Blogger Kovalenko spoke about the natural strength of Emelianenko

MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko has a natural strength and owns a technique that “you can’t get anywhere.” This opinion was expressed on December 9 by his rival, blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko.

“You can’t erase the technique, you can’t drink away and you can’t get anywhere. Strength is natural to him. They write in the comments, I sometimes read like this, what, where were you all when Sasha was at the peak of his form? Where was I? I studied at the Suvorov (school. – Ed.) And even earlier I went under the table, so to speak, ”said Kovalenko.

The blogger also said that he would have agreed to a fight with another eminent athlete if such an offer was received.

“Now I would agree, it would be Fedor Emelianenko, Maga Ismailov, if it were Vladimir Mineev, it would be Shlemenko; if they really offered me: will you fight? – (I would answer. – Ed.) Let’s go, ”Kovalenko said.

A day earlier, Kovalenko called Emelianenko a legend. He also said that he respects him and refers to him as “you”. Kovalenko also hopes that Emelianenko will come to the fight in better shape.

The fight will take place on the evening of December 16 and will be the main event of the REN TV Fight Club super series tournament.

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