Oura and Gucci launch smart ring with gold details and perpetual subscription to health advice

It costs three times more than the regular version – $950.

  • The Gucci x Oura ring is similar to the Oura 3 and is made from black PVD titanium with 18K yellow gold inlays.
  • The device weighs four grams. Sleep, activity, heart rate, respiration and temperature sensors are installed inside. The ring can work up to 4-7 days without recharging. Waterproof – up to 100 m depth.
  • The price includes a lifetime subscription to the Gucci x Oura app with meditations, breathing practices, health advice and more. The app is available in English, German, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish and Finnish.
  • Oura was founded in 2013. By April 2022, the company had sold 1 million devices and raised investments at a $2.55 billion valuation.

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