Rare banknote sells for 1,400 times its original value

A rare £100 note found in a charity shop has sold online for £140,000 – 1,400 times its original value. The £100 Palestine pound note was issued to senior officials during the period of the British Mandate in Palestine in 1927. Paul Wyman spotted the unusual note in a box of items donated to an Oxfam affiliate, where he volunteers. He contacted an auction house, where experts estimated it at £30,000, but it sold for £140,000 when it went under the hammer at auction, he reported The daily mirror.
Man running half marathon in 111 t-shirts

A man has broken a Guinness World Record by running a half marathon wearing 111 t-shirts. David Rush, who has broken more than 200 Guinness World Records for promoting STEM education, completed the half marathon in two hours, 47 minutes and 55 seconds. “My arms lost blood flow and after a few hours my hands doubled in size,” Rush said UPI. “My normally loose wedding ring was a constricted ring and I couldn’t even get my thumb over my hand.”
Grandma buys rude book for granddaughter

One grandmother felt embarrassed after accidentally buying an adult book as a gift for her young granddaughter, she said LadBible. Sue Mackay thought she was buying an Enid Blyton book for her seven-year-old granddaughter Skyla-Rae when she picked up Five Get Gran Online. Skyla-Rae’s mother later received a note from her teacher saying the book her daughter had brought to school was “unsuitable for children” and words like “b***ocks” and “b*** ard” included. The book was part of a parody series by Bruno Vincent.


Source: theweek

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