Reactor in your pocket: is it dangerous radiation from smartphones and other equipment

When we talk about “harmful rays”, we are usually talking about electromagnetic radiation (EMI), which is present in all electrical appliances. But for certified devices, its level does not exceed the safe level for humans.

In different countries, this norm may differ slightly and even be measured in different quantities.

First of all, the fear of the townspeople is the EMI of the smartphone. At the same time we will specify that devices do not emit any radiation.

Unlike other devices, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is used to determine the level of radiation of smartphones – a specific coefficient of absorption of electromagnetic energy. It shows how much energy is absorbed by human tissues per second, and is measured in W / kg.

It is believed that the lower the level of radiation, the better, but reliable data based on long-term research is not yet possible to obtain – smartphones for this relatively short-lived.

At the moment, according to European standards, the SAR of smartphones should not exceed 2 W / kg, the US – 1.6 W / kg. A device whose radiation exceeds these parameters will not be certified and will not enter the market.

Smarton in hands

It is known that the level of radiation increases when charging the device, searching for a network or switching from one tower to another. But even in these moments the radiation does not exceed the norm.

However, if you do not believe the official data and want to insure yourself, here’s what you can do:

do not use your smartphone while driving or in places with poor communication;
do not put the device under the pillow and generally too close to the bed;
put the gadget on charge no closer than a meter from you;
carry a smartphone in your bag, not in your pocket;
limit the duration of the conversation and the general stay in front of the screen;
use the headset so as not to lift the gadget to your head.

All these recommendations apply to tablets, but are not scientifically sound.
Radiation from the router

Routers also got it, because they constantly distribute Wi-Fi using radio frequencies, so some users even turn off the router at night.

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