‘Replaces’ Dennis Van Outen’s ex-Eddie Boxshall with best friend after gogglebox breakup

Dennis Van Outen and his ex Eddie Boxshal are fans of Googlebox. However, he announced that the two had separated earlier this year

Gogglebox executives have reportedly replaced Dennis Van Outen’s ex-boyfriend Eddie Boxshall with his close friend Duncan James.

Dennis previously starred with Eddie, 48, in the Channel 4 reality TV series, and the pair proved to be a hit with viewers.

Earlier this year, however, the star wrote a brief statement confirming that she and Eddie had been together for seven years.

She was “heartbroken” to learn that her iPad contained messages and pictures of other women.

And now, it looks like Dennis has been advised to return to Gogglebox alongside Blue singer Duncan.

“Dennis and Duncan have been friends since they both became famous in the late 1990’s and he helped her through a painful breakup this year,” a source told The Sun.

They say close friends have the ‘perfect chemistry’ to win the hearts of fans when they have fun on the show.

Mirror reached out to Channel 4 and two representatives for comment.

Duncan and Dennis recently appeared together on a proud stage at London’s famous nightclub.

Dennis recently revealed the worst part of his breakup with Eddie earlier this year.

He said the worst thing was telling his 12-year-old daughter that his relationship with her had ended well.

TV star Betsy, 12, shared with her former flame and Holby City star Lee Mead, 40.

It was Dennis who told Betsy that it was all ‘torn’ because he explained that his daughter broke down in tears after hearing the sad news.

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Dennis recently said right! Journal.

“I have a lot of self-esteem and I can’t live like that. I think he ruined it in a few selfish moments.

“I can’t imagine feeling like this.”

Dennis and Eddie started dating in 2014 and quickly became a strong couple, appearing on Gogglebox several times and later becoming hugely popular with viewers of the Channel 4 reality show.

It broke the news of the couple’s divorce on January 7, 2022, with Dennis confirming the divorce on social media.

She did this by sharing an interesting black and white photo of her dog walking on the beach.

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