Resin arteries in 20 seconds – created a super-fast 3D printer, which was called revolutionary

Instant printing of various resin objects is the superpower of a 3D printer from the EPFL laboratory. And his predecessors need at least 10 minutes for such a print.
Revolutionary Super-Speed ​​3-D Printer Prints Resin Objects in 20 Seconds
Super-fast 3-D printer, which was called revolutionary, prints resin objects in 20 seconds / Photo:, interestingengineering

The new 3D printer of the EPFL Applied Photonic Devices Laboratory has been named one of the fastest in the world, as it can print in seconds. Engineers have achieved this speed through new 3D printing technology.

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Engineers are using a new method to print resin objects, both dark and transparent. This allows you to print in 20 seconds what previously took at least 10 minutes.

It is important that the new printer was able to print objects from the opaque resin that is used in biomedicine. Now, a new 3D printing method will make it possible to produce an artificial artery or body part in just a matter of seconds. True, the developers have to finalize a few points, and now the engineers are working to ensure that their miracle printer can simultaneously print several materials at once.

New 3D printer could revolutionize the industry forever: it prints objects in 20 seconds
A new 3D printer could revolutionize the industry forever: it prints objects in 20 seconds / Photo: interestingengineering

The inventors also want to increase the resolution of their printer from 0.1 millimeters to micrometers. If they achieve these two lofty goals, their 3D printer could revolutionize the industry with unrivaled print speed and quality.

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