Respond to rockets with laughter: French magazine published cartoons of Putin and Russian troops

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo dedicated the issue to Ukraine, publishing works by Ukrainian cartoonists.

The proceeds from the sale of the magazine are going to be transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The issue, which was published on May 25, presents the work of the Odessa Cartoonists’ Association “Russian warship, go nah * y,” according to Le Figaro.

“Respond to rockets with laughter: the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo honors Ukrainian cartoonists who continue to do their work despite the Russian invasion, publishing in solidarity about twenty of their cartoons,” the statement said.

Among the works are a Russian bear that dips its paw into a hive before being swallowed by bees, soldiers sliding a projectile down a slide in a kindergarten, or an instrument of torture depicting Putin.
Photo: Charlie Hebdo

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Some of the work can be viewed on the Charlie Hebdo website.
Photo: Charlie Hebdo

The magazine notes that despite the horrors of war, humor is constantly present in the lives of Ukrainians: in the form of jokes, tragicomic situations, or in unbridled language to send Russians to hell.

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