Review of the multi-purpose tactical UAV MQ-1C Gray Eagle

The General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle is a multi-purpose tactical long-range UAV designed for the US Army based on the MQ-1 Predator. The first UAV flight took place in October 2004, and since 2009 the system has been used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The new MQ-1C was officially named Gray Eagle in August 2010.

Gray Eagle’s Predator UAV features a larger wing and a Thielert Centurion 1.7 engine optimized for high altitude operation. The duration of the flight in the UAV at altitudes up to 7620 m is 36 hours, combat radius – 370 km.

An enlarged radar with a synthesized beam aperture capable of mapping mode and an AAS-52 multispectral survey system are installed in the bow of the enlarged fuselage.

The NERO Container Interference System installed on the Gray Eagle UAV is similar in capabilities to the combat-tested CEASAR (Electronic Communications Electronic Attack Surveillance and Reconnaissance) system. The NERO system is capable of jamming enemy radars and communication systems without jamming or blinding the radio electronics of its troops.

Armament up to 363 kg, including four air-ground SD AGM-114 Hellfire and KAB GBU-44 / N Viper Strike on four wing pylons.

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