RIA Novosti: the captured major reported on the looting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mariupol with the symbols of the Russian army

The imprisoned deputy commander of the first separate battalion of the Marine Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major Nikolai Mishchenko, told RIA Novosti that the Ukrainian military in Mariupol were engaged in looting, using Russian symbols to destabilize the situation and cause panic among the local population.

He said that their battalion was at the Ilyich Plant, which is very far from the city. He added that the sorties into the city that he heard about were carried out by a battalion of marines.

“These were groups of 10-12 people who put on white ribbons, imitating the enemy, roughly speaking, and went out with the aim of destabilizing, as I understand it, intelligence data, destabilizing the general situation,” Mishchenko said, explaining that in this way it was planned to sow panic among the civilian population, since it is not known who is coming, as well as to carry out marauding actions.

Earlier it was reported that the captured fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian military did not condemn tattoos with fascist symbols.


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