Russia began blocking popular VPN services

The Russian authorities have decided to cut off the population from popular VPN services. The purpose of this step is to make it impossible for citizens of the aggressor country to receive up-to-date information about events in the world and the course of hostilities in Ukraine.


Failures to connect to VPN protocols were recorded in Rostov, Kuban and Zap. Siberia. The Internet audience of these regions cannot access servers on IPsec – and L2TP protocols. Subscribers of Rostelecom and a number of regional market participants massively record the facts of non-connections along the “server => client” line.

Because of this, corporate network administrators are forced to take extraordinary measures to circumvent restrictions, journalists from local media say.

In simple terms, VPN blocking is an attempt to introduce total censorship in the Russian segment of the Web. The account of blocked services goes to dozens. We started with the biggest ones like Speedify VPN, ExpressVPN and the like.

Before blocking VPN services, Rospotrebnadzor cut off Russians from independent media that cover the course of hostilities in a way that the Kremlin would not like.

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