Russia’s MLRS “Hurricane” compared with American HIMARS, which will soon deliver to Ukraine (VIDEO)

The United States will hand over a new package of ammunition, weapons and military equipment to Ukraine. It also includes four HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. These installations have high accuracy in destroying enemy targets, and also shoot farther than their counterparts.

The video compared Russia’s Hurricane MLRS and American HIMARS. Yes, it is noted that the “Hurricane” involves randomization, and Himars settings allow you to specify the GPS-coordinates of the target. Hurricane fires at 35 km, with an accuracy of ± 170 meters, while Himars hits at 80 km, with an accuracy of ± 5 meters. Russian MLRSs need to be recharged in 20 minutes, and American MLRSs can be recharged in five minutes.

Now the Ukrainian leadership hopes to increase supplies of modern systems.

We will remind, for 100 days in Ukraine Russians didn’t reach any strategic purpose, in Russia reported death of the known Russian pilot in Ukraine.

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