Samsung beats LG to win camera contract for all Tesla trucks and pickups

Supplying electronic components to third parties is an important part of Samsung’s business. Although the company has decided not to build its own electric vehicle, it is promoting its components, such as batteries and camera modules for use in popular auto brand products, and is doing so quite actively.

Camera modules have become important in the automotive industry as automakers install high-end driver assistance systems and autonomous driving solutions. In this case, Tesla is leading. Until recently, the company was looking at potential camera suppliers for cybertruck pickups and semi-trucks. According to the latest information, Samsung Electro-Mechanics has been able to beat LG Inotech in this race, accepting the entire order and not leaving even a small part to any competitor.

It is learned that Samsung will now supply all camera modules for Electro-Mechanics Cybertrack and Semi. The automaker has already announced these models and now wants to speed up the process of bringing cars to the mass market.

In addition to Samsung and LG, Taiwanese companies also applied for a bigger deal. Samsung has won the competition for the second time by signing a contract with Tesla. Last year, he received an order to supply camera modules for Cybertrack, a manufacturer that will supply them to mask factories in Shanghai and Berlin.

It is known that Samsung also makes camera modules for electro-mechanics smartphones, but electric vehicle products are much more expensive, which allows the company to increase its profits in the future. Tesla electric vehicles typically use eight cameras.

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