The new “smart” Xiaomi lock received 7 types of unlocking

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 is the name of the new smart lock that Xiaomi has launched in China. It has seven different unlock methods, including fingerprint recognition and NFC.


After launching products like Xiaomi Smart Door Lock NFC Card, NFC Smart Key Phoebe, the company has continued to expand its Smart Lock catalog. This time it is a door lock model with advanced features at an affordable price.

The new Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 has been introduced as an easy-to-install smart lock. It can be installed on almost any door that opens to the right or left.

Door lock

Features include 7 different ways to unlock: with an NFC key fob, with a classic key, with a password or permanent PIN, with a periodic password, with a fingerprint, via Bluetooth or via a smartphone.

Smart Door Lock M20 is characterized by low power consumption. Thanks to the use of eight AA batteries in total, its autonomy for 10 months of use. It has a fully encrypted key storage system to prevent intruders from trying to open it.

The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 will launch in China at a price of 1,799 yuan ($ 269). It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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