Scholz: Someday we will start cooperation with the Russian Federation again, but now

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz allowed the restoration of economic relations with Russia, but noted that this is possible only after the end of the war in Ukraine.

According to European Pravda with reference to RND, Scholz said this at an event dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations.

According to the German chancellor, Russia will remain the largest country on the European continent after the end of the war in Ukraine, so, according to him, it is very important to prepare for this time.

“One thing is clear: today the relationship we had is winding down. But Russia, which is ending the war, and citizens in Russia who want a different future for themselves, also need a chance to start again at another time.” economic cooperation,” he said.

“Only it’s not now. Now we are strengthening the sanctions,” Scholz added.

The German chancellor noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin, with his war, destroys not only the infrastructure of Ukraine and kills Ukrainians, but also destroys the future of Russia. “And this is what he must justify to his own country and his own people, whose future he influences in this way,” he said.

Scholz reiterated that the goal of Russia’s war is to divide Europe into spheres of influence and create a new Russian empire, for which it is going to serious violations of international law: destroying infrastructure and killing people.

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