Scientists have called a diet that prolongs life

Experts have found that in order to live longer, you should exclude soda, sugar, bakery products from your diet and stick to a low-carb diet not just one day, but constantly. In addition, scientists recommend eating more plant foods.

As Express wrote, citing the chief executive officer of the British Institute for Research on Aging, Dr. Eric Verdin, nutrition has a direct impact on human life expectancy. He also noted that too frequent consumption of bread, sweet water and juices, ice cream, cereals, chocolate provokes a number of serious diseases, the fight against which takes a lot of strength from the body.

Verdin emphasized that if a person’s diet is high in carbohydrates, this leads to elevated blood sugar levels, weight gain, poor metabolism and an increased risk of heart disease.

“With unscrupulous eating, in addition to obesity, excess insulin can also lead to reduced cell sensitivity to insulin, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and even cancer,” the expert warned.

He said that as part of the study, he and his colleagues analyzed how a low-carbohydrate diet affects the body. It turned out that only by eliminating critical foods from the diet can weight loss be achieved, insulin dependence in diabetics can be reduced, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and oncology can be reduced.

“As a result, it will increase the life of a person,” said the doctor.

He also noted that the addition of vegetables to the daily diet has a positive effect on the body as a whole.

“People who eat plant-based foods have a 16 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, stroke, heart failure,” Verdin said.

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