Scientists have edited a photo of the amazing star cluster Ruprecht 106

The Ruprecht 106 cluster is located in the constellation Centaurus. This is a young cluster that was discovered in 1961. It has one unique feature that sets it apart from other similar globular clusters.

The Hubble Telescope took a photo of the amazing globular star cluster Ruprecht 106.

The image was shown to users on the social network Instagram.

“Most globular clusters of stars contain at least two groups of stars with different chemical compositions. New stars will have a different composition, including elements processed by their older massive cluster companions, ”the experts wrote.

Interestingly, the Ruprecht 106 cluster is different, as it contains only one population of stars.

Earlier, the editors of our site reported that scientists have found a strange repeating signal in a distant galaxy. Scientists find in space a large number of objects and phenomena that are difficult to explain from the point of view of modern science. Sometimes the problem is that the finds are too far from the Earth. So, the experts were able to identify a mysterious signal that repeats over and over again. It was given the name FRB 190520B. It was discovered back in 2019.

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