Service “Diya” will begin to compete with the monobank application

Very soon new documents and services will become available to users of the Diya application. Information about this was published in Telegram by the head of the Ministry of Digital Development M. Fedorov.


The Minister noted that Ukrainians will soon be able to invest in the purchase of military bonds through a mobile applet. This service is now available to users of the monobank applet. Thus, the Diya application will begin to compete with it. In addition, the first functions of an electronic notary and digital pension certificates will appear in the application very soon. In general, the Ministry of Digital Development is working on the launch of nine new services and documents.

During a speech at a briefing in Davos, the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation named the size of the audience for the Diya application. It is used by 17.3 million Ukrainian citizens. According to the minister, in February the audience of the mobile applet was 14 million people. Thus, in three months it increased by 3.3 million people.

Fedorov noted that the tasks assigned to the Mintsifra team remain unchanged. 100% of public services will be transferred to online mode. Coverage of the country’s territory with high-speed Internet will be increased to 95%. The Ministry of Digital Development expects to increase the share of IT business in Ukrainian GDP to 10%.

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