In Israel, invented a film that cools the car without air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient car systems. His work has a particularly “painful” effect on electrical transmissions. Israeli scientists have invented a special film coating that acts as a “black hole” and causes the sun to cool rather than heat the car body.

At the heart of the new technology, proposed by the team of startup company SolCold, is the phenomenon of anti-Stokes bias, in which the emitted photon has more energy than the absorbed photon. In other words, photons react with the surface and “bounce” back with more energy than was used during the impact. Thus, the sunlight reflected from a special surface does not heat it, but on the contrary – cools it.

The main difficulty in creating a new coating was to convey in real conditions the anti-Stokes effect of elimination, which is usually observed in space or laboratory. However, SolCold specialists managed to make foil for the roof and dashboard of the usual old Volkswagen Polo hatchback.

In the video you can see an experiment showing how three identical white cars behave on a hot sunny day. One is covered with SolCold film and left in the sun, the second stands next to it without shelter, and the third without film, but in the shade. As a result, the interior of the first car warms up to only 37 degrees Celsius, the second – up to 55 degrees, and the third – up to 40 degrees.

SolCold claims that depending on the size of the car, the temperature inside can drop by 20-70%. So far, the film is at the prototype stage, but it is planned to use not only for cooling cars, but also buildings or entire cities.

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