Russian hackers published data of 700 SBU employees

The Russian pro-Kremlin hacker group RaHDIt has released the data of 700 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to the public, the authenticity of the information was confirmed by one of the employees of the Russian special services, RIA Novosti reports.

The list is published on the Nemesis website (data on SBU employees supplemented the previously existing list of Ukrainian army servicemen): the name, patronymic, surname, date of birth, position, rank, address, phone number, passport data, in some cases, e-mail, pages in social networks and other data. As a rule, the record is illustrated with a photograph.

“In addition to general information, the hacker group uncovered some of the hobbies of Ukrainian special services, such as gambling, attending swinger parties, as well as non-traditional inclinations,” the RIA Novosti publication, quoted by many Russian media, said. The editors of did not come across such information when viewing the data published on the Nemesis website. It should be noted that the list includes both SBU operatives and employees of auxiliary services, as well as doctors. How reliable the published information is is unclear.

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