Show wide ink on female final snaps – with tattooed eyes

Cebu, PhD from the Philippines has hundreds of cultural tattoos on her face and body, including a black eye ball. But he fights against ‘tattoo discrimination’

A woman who was once demon-possessed for her “monstrous” tattoo has now shared a picture of herself on her graduation day – showing off her extensive ink.

DD Velagas is covered in tattoos that take hours to complete and even have blue eyes following a controversial procedure.

Now with a degree in fine arts, she posed for a photo in her graduation gown, proudly leaving her tattoo for everyone to view the Daily Star report.

DD from Cebu in the Philippines says he became addicted after realizing the historical significance of skin design and is now more proud than his ink.

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TikToker, whose millions of followers follow @thedeedeevillegas Page, says: “2019. I’m a graduate of Magna Cum Loud.

“I remember posting pictures of my graduation three years ago. It has gone viral and has garnered both support and negative money from people.

“I did two photoshoots for this lifetime event – one with my tattoos and the other I had to wear makeup to hide my facial tattoos (for the purpose of the annual book).

“I am grateful to an online friend for editing this picture with my eyeball tattoo. You can see I had tattoos all over my face and body in 2019 but I didn’t have eye ink.

“I deleted my post a long time ago when it reached a point where extremists are attacking my alma mater, family and friends.”

DeeDee has decided to turn her trolling experience into a positive one – and is determined to use her platform to inspire others.

He said: “When I was blessed with an unexpected online platform, I said to myself, ‘I should be the voice for those who can’t’, ‘Those who are afraid’ and ‘Those who don’t know. Let your voice be heard.

The tattooed grandmother shares have been scattered over the decades to show how her image has changed

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“I want to remind everyone that life is not a race, it is a journey at your own pace.

“Always remember that you are in control of your life. Therefore, the efforts of people to throw negativity at you are not worth it …

“And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

DeeDee has previously revealed that he was possessed by a priest on public transport.

He speaks out against “tattoo discrimination” because people treat it.

DD said in 2018: “This is still a challenge in the Philippines, I still regularly verbally abuse on the streets.

“However, one change is clear, there are careers that highly converted people can apply for and succeed.

“There was a time when you didn’t get a personal interview with a visible tattoo and that changed.”

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