Meghan’s sweet gesture towards Harry shows ‘out of place’ with maco-inspired polo, experts say

After her polo team won a tournament in California, Meghan Merkel was shown kissing her husband Prince Harry – and according to a body language expert, one of Meghan seemed to be wary of her.

Meghan Merkel quickly congratulated Prince Harry on winning his latest polo tournament.

She was pictured kissing her husband on the lips after her team won the Lisley Nixon Memorial Trophy at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racket Club in California.

Meghan, wearing a black polka dot blouse and white shorts, rewarded the team and kissed the members on the cheek.

She came over to Harry and kissed him on the lips. She rubbed some of her red lipstick and Meghan quickly wiped Harry’s lips to remove a stain.

According to body language expert Judy James, although it was a sweet gesture from Meghan, it seemed “completely out of place” among Harry’s macho teammates.

And he also told the Mirror that Meghan seemed a bit reluctant to kiss – although there was an obvious reason for that.

He explained: “With that congratulatory kiss on the polo, Meghan is in a ‘command, control and direct’ mood.

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Earlier, the pair’s signature hand-to-finger and Harry’s admiring look and Meghan’s smile response showed their usual high level of affection, and of course polo is the traditional peacock game for royal men who can show off their ferocious prowess. In that romantic white breech Jeans as well as their torn muscles., But to kiss the winner here, Meghan still needed some caution.

“While Harry leans forward with all his usual sharpness for a sign of intimacy, Meghan puts two hands close to his mouth that look like a kind of controlled and restrained gesture.

The reason is obvious. Meghan’s wide-brimmed hat, huge sunglasses and red lipstick will all create a strategic nightmare for something more emotional than cheek to lip.

“Even with that careful kiss on the cheek, Meghan seems to have to check her hat and sunglasses later and she smiles as she shares the moment with her husband.

“For all his perseverance, he later removed the lipstick from Harry’s face in a very nice manner that still seems out of place in the more mako-tinted lineup of Harry’s polo players team.”

Pictures of the couple playing polo over the weekend follow reports that Netflix executives expect the couple to film their first family home during their upcoming anniversary tour.

Harry and Meghan and baby Archie and Lilibet are expected to be at Windsor’s Frogmore Cottage for next month’s celebration.

However, it is uncertain whether the palace aides will try to stop Netflix cameras from filming in Sussex there.

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