Ukrainian soldiers turn their backs on Russian military dogs after saving his life

Max, the Russian special forces dog, changed sides after Vladimir Putin’s soldiers starved him and left him on the line of fire – now he has a new role, sniffing unexploded ordnance for Ukrainian troops.
War dogs
Max is being trained to help the Ukrainian army (

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Vladimir Putin’s troops have changed the dog side of a special forces trained to fight for Russia after leaving him in a state of shock.

Three-year-old Max was found starving and near death by Ukrainian soldiers, who healed him and taught him to understand their orders.

Belgian Malinois are now sniffing unexploded ordnance alongside soldiers fighting for their country.

Dmitry, a member of Ukraine’s National Guard, told the Daily Star: “From now on, Max will work on the right, protect Ukraine and knock out the Russian donkey.”

His comrades added: “Max has become a real favorite of the guards. We do not understand why the Russians left behind such a beautiful animal.

“Ukrainians like dogs, they think they are part of their family.”

Max was part of the Kremlin troops who occupied a village in the Mykolaiv region near the Black Sea.

The puppy was found wearing a camouflage collar that the Russians had issued to their military dog.

Max became homeless but survived by eating the rotten food found in the front.

A British Special Forces soldier added: “Malinos is the same breed used by SAS and SBS. They are brave, very intelligent and athletic animals.

“They are very loyal, but Max was convinced that the Ukrainians were now his new master.

“I am very surprised that one of these animals was actually abandoned by the Russians because they are a valuable commodity.

“The bond between a dog and its handler is also very strong. It will be like leaving a family member behind. ”

Maxie is not the only one working hard to protect the Ukrainians.

Patron The Jack Russell was awarded a medal for bravery after identifying more than 200 landmines in Ukraine.

The little dog was officially recognized in a military honor by President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier this month.

The announcement was made during a news conference in Kiev with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Mr Zelensky said: “Today I would like to pay tribute to the Ukrainian heroes who are already clearing our country of mines.

“And with our heroes, there is a wonderful little pioneer – a patron – who not only helps neutralize explosives, but also helps our children learn the safety rules needed in the mining area.”

The two-year-old puppy has become a national hero and a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance against Russia.

Ukraine’s Emergency Medical Service (SES) called him a “good boy” for helping pyrotechnicians in the Chernihiv region clear the area of ​​”Russian gifts”.

And until he got his reward, the patron did something in exchange for a piece of cheese and a rub on his stomach.

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