Shulsky promised to show Khlebnikov’s declasse in the upcoming battle

Master of sports in boxing Pavel Shulsky on Thursday, May 26, promised to show the declasse of the pop-MMA fighter Bruce Khlebnikov in the upcoming confrontation with him as part of the REN TV Fight Club tournament, which will be held on Friday, May 27.

“I will work as carefully as possible. Shoot from a distance. Well, to show the opponent’s complete declasse, that it makes no sense for him to work with boxers, ”he said in a conversation with Izvestia.

At the same time, the boxer noted that he was afraid of Khlebnikov’s blow.

“Let’s see what will be better: either boxing or its strength,” Shulsky added.

In addition, he admitted that the confrontation promises to be interesting, since Bruce Khlebnikov is a man who was “born strong, great.” The future rival of Khlebnikov in the ring also said that he had been following the skill of the pop-MMA fighter since childhood.

Khlebnikov will appear in the ring in shorts with the name of his daughter Alice. The girl remained in Moscow and will watch the fight live.

Earlier Thursday, fighters Bruce Khlebnikov and Pavel Shulsky went through the weigh-in ceremony along with other members of the REN TV Fight Club.

On the same day, it became known that the fight between Ivan Shtyrkov and Mikhail Mokhnatkin was canceled due to non-compliance with the agreements by the local organizer.

Tournament within the framework of the REN TV Fight Club. Super Series” will take place on May 27 in Omsk. The REN TV channel will show the tournament live at 22:00 Moscow time and 1:00 Omsk time.

The main event of the boxing evening will be the fight between Alexei Papin and Montenegrin Dilan Prashovich. Papin has 13 victories, 12 of which he won by knockout. His opponent fought for the WBO world title last year.

Also, the world boxing champion Alexei Tishchenko will make his debut in the professional ring. His opponent will be former WBA world champion Nehomar Sermeno.

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