Some Netflix viewers get extra movies and TV shows that they can not watch

NETFLIX has shown upcoming TV shows and movies to some users for feedback before their release.

According to Variety, a small group of consumers in the United States have been watching the original content for almost a year.
Netflix is ​​showing original content to some subscribers early on

Feedback panels watch “several upcoming movies and series in about six months” and then give their ratings to Netflix.

Potential participants will be invited by email to join one of these panels, a copy of which will be sent to Variety.

“At Netflix, we’re building a community of members to watch and respond to upcoming movies and series, and we want to know if you’re interested in being a part of it,” the email reads.

“It’s simple, but it’s an incredibly important part of creating great content for you and Netflix members around the world.”
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Netflix has confirmed that it has been managing the customer feedback panel for about 12 months.

After watching a movie or series, members fill out a survey to rate what they’ve seen.

You are encouraged to tell Netflix “What you like and dislike, how you can make it better, or how likely you are to recommend it to your friends and family.”

Groups can help Netflix identify potential hits or change content before publishing.

It is not clear how Netflix selects participants for the program.

Over the years, Hollywood studios have held similar focus groups to test the waters with viewers before the big releases.

Netflix itself often reveals new features before customers make a choice before making them available to a saver viewer.

For example, the Play Something Shuffle feature was recently tested to make sure subscribers liked it.

After admitting it lost 200,000 subscribers in its latest earnings report, the streaming giant is looking for new ways to make money.

Netflix has blamed the drop on growing competition, password sharing and Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Last month, the company announced that it would start charging users who share their passwords with families from next year.

Customers are being asked to spend extra to add members who do not live with them in the latest crackdown on account sharing.
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In March, it emerged that the streaming giant was already testing additional fees in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

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