75% discount on iPhone at Amazon

While looking for a reliable phone case that can be life threatening, shockproof cases are effective.

Otterbox is a trusted brand with a focus on defense and most of the range is currently stocked on Amazon.
Otterbox is one of the leading cell phone case brands

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Apple’s flagship model cases are often sold and you can see the latest deals on our best iPhone case.

Otterbox is a brand that Apple often partners with and Apple stocks them in many stores – they include the first MagSafe technology in their case.

This Otterbox black leather case is currently 75% off on Amazon, taking it from £ 40 to just £ 10.90.

Leather or faux leather cases nowadays are usually more expensive due to their luxurious appearance, often they are folio or wallet designs – which again adds to the price.
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Folio cases cover both the back and front of your phone with convenient slots for your cards.

The case also has the brand’s Certified Drop + protection promise, but it’s still a thin case, which means it protects your phone from drops but not too heavy.

It’s not the only Otterbox case for sale on Amazon, although many iPhones and Samsung models also have a lot of bargaining power.

Here are some of our top picks:

  • iPhone SE 3rd Gen, Black Leather Folio Case, £24.90 (save 42%) – buy here
  • iPhone 12 Clear Case with Built-in PopSockets €14.90 (save 57%) – buy here
  • iPhone 12 Mini, Stardust Case, £9.90 (save 67%) – buy here
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, Black MagSafe Case, €12.90 (63% off) – buy here
  • iPhone 13, Blue Case with integrated PopSockets, €20.90 (15% discount) – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Black Case €9.90 (save 54%) – buy here
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Black Leather Folio Case, £8.90 (save 79%) – buy here


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