Twitter “Elon Musk’s Takeover Will Move Forward” Despite Threats to Billionaire Withdrawal

TWITTER speaks harshly to Elon Musk because the billionaire is skeptical of his 44 44 billion takeover bid.

The firm says it will “enforce the merger agreement” – a powerful term that could be seen as a threat to legal action if it tries to stop.


This comes when the 50-year-old Tesla founder revealed that the deal was “on hold” due to concerns about the actual number of fake accounts on social networks.

He claims that less than 5 percent of users of Twitter are bots.

Until then, the world’s richest man says takeover “can’t go on”.

The latest twist in the acquisition story is seen as a strategy to acquire the company at a lower price – or to move away altogether.

If he decides to resign, he will have to pay a 1 billion “break-up fee.”

Twitter said: “The board and Mr. Musk have agreed to a transaction of $ 54.20 per share.

“We believe this agreement is in the best interests of all shareholders.

“We want to complete the transaction and implement the consolidation agreement.”

Tensions have risen in recent weeks, with Poop Emoji tweeting in response to CEO Parag Agarwal defending the mask company’s bot count.

Agarwal explains how Twitter is trying to fight bots and how to “ban” millions of accounts.

Musk, meanwhile, believes more than they indicate on Twitter’s official statistics.

At a technology conference in Miami on Monday, he estimated that at least 20 percent of Twitter’s 229 million accounts were spambots.

Also at the All-in-Summit, the billionaire still has the strongest indication that he wants to pay less for Twitter than his $ 44 billion offer last month.

He said an effective deal at a lower price is not out of the question.
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His outburst has led analysts to believe that Mask is either trying to get out of business or bring down prices.

A massive fall in the price of Tesla stock is thought to have changed his heart, some of which he promised to finance the Twitter acquisition.

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