Sony has announced sales of Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and God of War for PC

In the last 2 years, Sony has ported three former PlayStation exclusives for PC. The biggest success was the action Horizon Zero Dawn, which sold 2.49 million copies. This is a great result for the game, which was released in 2020, almost 3 years after its release on the PlayStation 4. It brought in more than $ 60 million in net income.

Days Gone, released for PC a year ago, sold 852,000 copies, grossing $ 22.7 million.

God of War, released in January, has already sold 971,000 copies, earning the company $ 26 million.

Sony expects computer revenue to grow in fiscal 2022. This will be helped by the quick release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC, but Sony is clearly not limited to one game.

Last year, Sony acquired Nixxes, which has experience in transferring games from consoles to PCs, for high-quality porting of its projects.

Sony has also begun to actively invest in TV series based on its gaming franchises. The shooting of The Last of Us is already underway, work on Ghost of Tsushima and Twisted Metal has started. And now the plans for the series Horizon Zero Dawn from Netflix and God of War from Amazon Prime Video have been confirmed.

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