Sony told when smartphones will be able to surpass SLR cameras

For several years, manufacturers of camera phones have managed to make a qualitative breakthrough in terms of the technologies used in them. At the same time, camera phones cannot compete with SLR cameras used by professional photographers. Sony Semiconductor CEO T. Shimizu predicts that mobile devices will outperform cameras in image quality within two years.


The top manager emphasized that this would be possible due to the combination of AI technologies in camera phones, a fundamentally new pixel structure and a larger aperture. In an interview with Nikkei xTech, Shimizu said that by the end of the decade, camera phones will support professional camera-exclusive features like 8K shooting, background blur with ToF sensors, and ultra-high-speed burst shooting.

Sony Corporation is the manufacturer of some of the most expensive camera phones on the market. This is not surprising, since image sensors for mobile devices are manufactured by Sony on a contract basis. They can be found in smartphones Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, etc.

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