Summer skin care: 5 important tips from dermatologists

Your plans for the summer probably include clean and radiant skin. However, the reality is that hot weather, humidity and extra sun exposure can lead to clogged pores, sunburn and dark spots. These common problems can be easily prevented if you have stable and proper skin care.

Accordingly, the perfect skin care procedure will work for you all year round, but there are a few changes you can make to minimize the seasonal side effects that summer can have on your beauty.
5 important tips for summer care
1. Sun protection

Dermatologists agree that proper protection from ultraviolet light is the most important step in any skin care throughout the year, but special attention should be paid in the summer. Then the days get longer, and we inevitably spend more time in the sun.

Sunscreen should be applied daily to areas exposed to light, including the face, neck, chest, ears and arms. It is especially important to reapply every two hours or less if you are swimming or sweating. If you are on the road and need to reapply sunscreen, Dr. Marisa Garshik recommends a powder product with a factor of at least 30.

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