Japanese scientist told how to maintain mental clarity

Some tricks will help you make your brain work, but for the best effect, you must follow certain rules.

Japanese neuroscientist Takashi Tsukiyama has been studying the secrets of brain function throughout his career.

Follow the routine. A certain time of going to bed and the same time of getting up throughout the week will accustom the brain to the regimen, and it will not try to rest when mental activity is needed, but turn on at night, right before bedtime, preventing you from falling asleep.

Give your brain time to wake up. The active phase of mental activity occurs two hours after waking up. Therefore, it is worth waking up 2 hours before important events so as not to nod off. Training and communication will also help to cheer up the brain.

Gymnastics for the eyes. If you do eye exercises at least once an hour, you will be able to feel how your thoughts are streamlined. Look up, down, to the sides, rotate your eyeballs and play with focus, scattering and concentrating your eyes. This will help not only the eyes, but also the brain.

Be sure to get enough sleep. Adequate sleep is extremely important for cognitive processes. During sleep, the brain processes the events of the past day and writes them into long-term memory, unloading consciousness. Therefore, in the morning, a fresh idea may come to you that you could not notice due to background thoughts.

Maintain order on the table. If you can’t get your brain to work in any way, start tidying up your desk. The process will allow you to tune in to the desired mood, and the tidy table will not distract from work.

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