Taiwan has banned the export of modern chips to Russia and Belarus

The list of strategic high-tech products that are prohibited from selling to Russia includes microprocessors or chips made in Taiwan, which have the following characteristics:

a performance rate of 5 gigaflops or higher;
electronic component clock frequency over 25 MHz;
one or more ports and interfaces provide a transfer rate between components of 2.5 MB / s or more;
more than 144 contacts, or if the main switching propagation delay time is less than 0.4 nanoseconds.

In addition, Taiwan will no longer sell chip production equipment. These include scanning electron microscopes.

Exports of these high-tech goods will also be banned in Belarus, as it could help Russia circumvent sanctions.

What is known

The US House of Representatives has voted to strip Russia and Belarus of their preferential trade status, called “permanent normal trade relations”.
One of the largest manufacturers and developers of home appliances, electronics, mobile devices, the South Korean corporation LG Electronics Inc. suspended all supplies of equipment to Russia.
In addition, Schneider Electric has suspended new investments and supplies under new projects in Russia and Belarus. It is one of the world leaders in providing digital solutions in the field of power management and automation.
Dahua, a Chinese manufacturer of professional equipment and electronics (CCTV cameras, etc.) suspends all deliveries to Russia. Everything that will not be sold until March 24 and will remain in Russian warehouses, Dahua will take back.

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