Telegram ditched ‘free forever’ slogan ahead of subscription launch

After installing the Telegram app, users are prompted to set the initial settings. On the initial settings screen of the current version of the Android applet, you can see the inscription “Telegram is free forever.” Initially, it meant that there were no subscriptions and advertising in the messenger. Advertisements in Telegram appeared last fall. They are shown to users in topic-relevant large channels. As for subscriptions, they will appear in it in the near future.


Professional developer A. Paluzzi got a test version of the messenger for Android smartphones. Instead of the usual inscription on the initial settings screen of the messenger, users are shown a message that they can use the cloud storage for media content and chats free of charge. There is no “free forever” inscription on the screen.

According to Paluzzi, the refusal of the advertising slogan is due to the imminent launch of a subscription model in the messenger. It is known that the owners of Premium-accounts will be marked with a special badge. They will be able to count on getting access to increased limits and full-screen stickers.

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