The “Adoption” service will appear in the Diya application: how to submit documents

A new feature will appear in the Diya app, which should simplify the process of adopting children in Ukraine. First of all, already on June 1, it will be possible to apply for the first consultation with it, the rest of the services will appear gradually until the end of August.

This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine for Digital Development Konstantin Koshelenko at the Ukrinform media center. The same information was confirmed on the air of “Snidanka z 1 + 1” by the presidential commissioner for children’s rights and children’s rehabilitation Daria Gerasimchuk (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

It is noted that with the help of Dії it will also be possible to submit a package of documents for a candidate for adoptive parents, a guardian, a father-teacher of a foster family or a family-type orphanage, as well as get acquainted with the profiles of children, etc.
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According to Koshelenko, today in Ukraine there are 17,000 children awaiting adoption. The number of people who are ready to take a child into the family is much smaller. This is due, in particular, to the complexity and length of the adoption procedure.

According to the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Maryna Lazebna, now the initial consultation on adoption can be obtained both during a personal appointment and online. Based on the results of the consultation, a person will be able to either be convinced of his desire and ability to be an adoptive parent, or choose another form of family education, or conclude that his decision is premature, which will protect the child from traumatization due to the cancellation of adoption.

It is noted that, according to the decision of the government, those who wish to raise a child in a family will be able to apply not only in paper form, but also in electronic form through a personal account on the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services, attaching to it the necessary documents generated from different databases , state registers and information systems.

“This is an important step towards the development and popularization of adoption in our country. And I am grateful to Daria Gerasimchuk for the initiative in this matter. Digitalization will make bureaucratic processes easier and faster for a person. The ability to carry out part of the process online is important in a martial law, because it helps not to expose people to danger once again when visiting institutions and waiting in lines,” Lazebnaya believes.

Recall that the virtual center Diya was launched earlier. Business is a hotline for refugees from Ukraine in European countries. Now Ukrainians in the EU will be able to quickly receive information about the status of temporary protection and other important aspects of staying in the territory of the Eurobloc countries, assistance with housing and employment, as well as doing business in 7 countries of the Union.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, a new service has been launched in the Diya state application – declaration for business. During martial law, it will replace 374 types of various permits. For example, licenses, certificates, certificates and conclusions.

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