The affordable 43-inch Hisense 4K TV is my favorite TV deal on Amazon

Amazon always has many TV deals available and they are not all created equal.

But the 43% discount on the 43-inch Hisense AE7000 is a really big discount on an impressive budget TV.
The 43-inch Hisense AE7000 has gotten a £170 discount on Amazon

The 43-inch Hisense AE7000 has gotten a £170 discount on Amazon

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When looking for the best TV deals online, one of the first places to look is Amazon.

The retailer has achieved a 43% discount on a 43-inch TV – which I don’t think is a coincidence, to be honest.

Regardless, it’s a whopping £170 off the RRP of £399 on a budget-friendly 4K TV, perfect for the average TV buyer.

If you’re looking to upgrade to 4K, this is a great opportunity to do so without a huge expense.

The 43-inch screen size might be considered small in today’s market – you can find TVs up to 85 inches in size online – but for the average viewing space, this is perfect.

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Honestly, don’t buy big if you don’t benefit from the size, you just won’t appreciate the picture.

Since it’s a smart TV, Netflix, Prime Video and all other streaming services are at your fingertips (literally: there are buttons on the remote to access them all).
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In addition, the 43AE7000 is a TV with HDR.

That might sound like another meaningless acronym, but it actually stands for High Dynamic Range, and it’s a cool feature that ups the 4K resolution by a notch by enhancing darkness and contrast.

Sound is similarly fine-tuned with DTS Studio Sound – but even better, the 43AE7000 has Alexa built-in.

This TV has achieved a yo-yo price in the last year: it fell below £300 for the first time in January and is now the cheapest ever.

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