The archive in Kyiv digitizes millions of documents with data on the ancestors of Ukrainians

Genealogical documents will be digitized at the Central State Historical Archive in Kyiv.

According to Amazing Ukraine, this was reported by Skyscraper.

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The project plans to digitize 13.6 million sheets of documents over several years, of which 1.4 million will be digitized in 2022 alone.

As a result, online will be Orthodox Church documents, Roman Catholic documents, metrics of Jewish communities for the eighteenth – early twentieth century, including funds: Kyiv Spiritual Consistory, Collection of Metric Books, Pereyaslav-Boryspil Spiritual Consistory, Radomyshl, Skvyra, Tarashcha , Zvenigorod-Uman, Zhytomyr, Rivne and Novograd-Volyn, Lipovets-Berdychiv, Kyiv Roman Catholic deaneries and others.

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