The best iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi models were compared in terms of speed in a “difficult” online game

Experts from the Golden Reviewer channel on YouTube have found out which top smartphone is more suitable for games: Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Redmi K50 or Redmi K50 Pro.

The authors of the YouTube channel Golden Reviewer compared four premium devices in terms of speed, heating and energy efficiency in the game Apex Legends. Devices tested on Dimensity 9000 (Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro), Dimensity 8100 (Xiaomi Redmi K50), Apple A15 (iPhone 13 Pro Max), Snapdragon 8Gen1 (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra) processors. The game was launched on all smartphones at maximum settings with FPS 60 fps.

After the test, the maximum temperature was the highest in the iPhone 13 Pro Max: 45.1 degrees Celsius. It is followed by S22 Ultra with 44.8 degrees Celsius. The K50 was the least heated: its maximum temperature was 39 degrees.


The results show that the most efficient is the younger Xiaomi Redmi – K50. Its efficiency per watt is 16.2, and it also had the lowest temperature after testing. Next is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, followed by the Redmi K50 Pro. In last place was Samsung.

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