The Central Bank of the Russian Federation allowed international settlements in cryptocurrencies

The Russian Central Bank has softened its position in relation to cryptocurrencies – now the regulator does not object to their use “in international transactions and international financial infrastructure.” This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the central bank Ksenia Yudaeva, Kommersant writes.

She noted that the Central Bank is still of the opinion that the use of digital currencies within the country creates great risks for citizens.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance announced that cryptocurrencies could potentially be used by Russia in international settlements. This issue began to be studied against the backdrop of sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, said Ivan Chebeskov, head of the ministry’s financial policy department.

Later it became known that the Ministry of Finance finalized the bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies, including a provision allowing the use of digital currencies as a means of payment in the foreign trade activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Recall that before that, the Central Bank took a radical prohibitive position in relation to bitcoin. He proposed to limit the issuance, circulation and exchange of cryptocurrencies, as well as the organization of such operations on the territory of the Russian Federation. Back in March, the Bank of Russia advocated a complete ban on the circulation and mining of digital currencies.

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