The cost of the paid version of Telegram was 20% lower than the expected

The cost of the paid version of Telegram (the so-called premium subscription) was 20% cheaper in comparison with the previously voiced prices. To find out the price requests of the messenger administration was helped by the information from the beta version of the “cart” for Android. The price indicated there is $ 3.99/month.


Initially, numerous insiders predicted the cost of a monthly subscription at the level of $ 5 and higher. It is possible that the cost of the possession of premium accounts will vary depending on the region.

The founder of the “cart” Pavel Durov substantiated the need to introduce paid services with a multiple increase in the subscriber base and provoked by this increase in loads on the server.

Durov promised that the launch of a paid subscription would not affect the quantity and quality of the free services provided now (that is, the latter will be provided unchanged). The owners of premium accounts will receive a number of additional opportunities. Among these are more quick loading of content and an increased number of chats and stickers.

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