The expert predicts an 8-fold increase in the bitcoin exchange rate in the near future

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky shared his predictions about the recovery of cryptocurrency markets.

A reversal to the bullish trend is likely to begin today, during which bitcoin always shows significant growth.

“When bitcoin recovers, it usually grows 5-8 times, compared to previous figures. Or even more. While the stock market is growing by only 30-50-70%. ”

Thus, according to Mashinsky, the rebound of cryptocurrencies is always stronger both to new higher highs and to new lower lows.

Last but not least, the growth of the exchange rate was influenced by large investment bankers, who are increasingly involved in the cryptocurrency sector. Last week, JPMorgan Chase strategists said that bitcoin has “significant growth potential” and thus helped change the mood of market participants.

At the same time, CoinShares analysts disagree with Mashinsky. According to them, a small increase in capital, which was recorded this week, did not change the “bearish mood” in the cryptocurrency market.

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