The game Autopsy Simulator will allow everyone to become a pathologist

During IGN Expo 2022, the Polish studio Woodland Games announced its new game, which will be released by Team17 Digital – Autopsy Simulator.

In past developer projects, gamers have built their own hell (Hell Architect), worked as a talkative taxi driver (Taxi Simulator) and parked in seemingly abandoned buildings (Urban Explorer). So it is not surprising that this time we will put on a virtual white robe, pick up a tool and cut people’s bodies in the role of a pathologist.

According to the plot, we will play for Dr. Jack. As usual, he routinely worked in the morgue, examining people’s bodies and looking for connections between the circumstances of their deaths and official information. However, everything changed when Jack found the ring of his dead wife in one of them. From this moment begins the process of finding answers to all questions, which goes through the study of dead bodies.

Autopsy Simulator

The developers promise a realistic process of dissection of the body, for which they even consulted with real pathologists and forensic doctors. Because of this, gamers will face all, even the most horrific and plausible deaths.

Woodland Games also shared a new trailer for the project. He offers to fully immerse yourself in this horror simulator and thriller and see with your own eyes a detailed autopsy of several bodies, which you will do throughout the game.

The release of Autopsy Simulator on PC on Steam will take place in November this year

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