The global freelance exchange Upwork has blocked users from Russia and Belarus

Upwork, which offers a global job search platform and a range of software products for employers, has closed access to users in Russia and Belarus. This was reported by the Russian media, publishing a letter Upwork.

We continue to fight the occupier on the information front, providing only verified information and analysis.
The war deprived us of the opportunity to earn, we ask for your support.

Freelancers who are physically in Russia and Belarus received an e-mail. In it, Upwork invites users to move to another country to access the platform. However, while they are in these countries, their accounts will be blocked.

The letter attached a link to instructions on how to return the account to work after moving to another country.

The company warned Russians and Belarusians about such measures. Upwork announced the suspension of work in Russia and Belarus on March 7. The ability to create accounts in these countries has been removed.

The previously popular graphic design platform Canva has completely left Russia, blocking Russian users from accessing its service. This decision was made in support of Ukraine during the war with Russia. Note that Canva is one of the most important tools in the work of SMM-managers.

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